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  Nothin' But... Bad Luck (NEW 2xLP)
Title: Nothin' But... Bad Luck (NEW 2xLP)
Author: B.B. King
Description: NEW/UNPLAYED 2 x BLUE vinyl LP from 2016 on NOT NOW MUSIC.
A1 Every Day I Have The Blues 5:01
A2 When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer 2:44
A3 Bad Luck Soul 2:15
A4 You've Been An Angel 2:35
A5 Get Out Of Here 2:37
A6 My Sometime Baby 3:03
A7 Good Man Gone Bad 2:42
B1 Someday 2:28
B2 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now 3:21
B3 You Know I Go For You 2:34
B4 Please Accept My Love 2:28
B5 Lonely 2:11
B6 Days Of Old 2:25
B7 Bad Luck 2:52
C1 3 O'Clock Blues 3:02
C2 Fishin' After Me 2:27
C3 Don't Cry Anymore 2:13
C4 The Woman I Love 2:55
C5 Going Down Slow 2:47
C6 Sweet Little Angel 3:09
C7 I Am 2:14
D1 Bad Case Of Love 2:14
D2 I Wonder 2:43
D3 Mean Ole Frisco 2:27
D4 Sweet Sixteen, Pt. 1 2:56
D5 Sweet Sixteen, Pt. 2 3:11
D6 Worry Worry 2:37
D7 Quit My Baby 2:28
E1 Sugar Mama 2:38
E2 Things Are Not The Same 3:05
E3 My Reward 2:09
E4 Be Careful With A Fool 2:45
E5 Don't Look Now, But I've Got The Blues 2:38
E6 Walking Dr. Bill 3:38
E7 Gonna Miss You Around Here 2:48
F1 Hully Gully Twist 2:51
F2 Lonely Lover's Plea 2:40
F3 Peace Of Mind 2:11
F4 Early In The Morning 2:35
F5 Time To Say Goodbye 2:03
F6 Dark Is The Night (Part I) 2:33
F7 Partin' Time 2:56
Format: LP Album
Condition Item: Mint
Condition Cover: Mint
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £19.99


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