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  SCREEN Vol 33 No 1 Spring 1992
Title: SCREEN Vol 33 No 1 Spring 1992
Author: Ed. by John Caughie et al
Description: 1992 p/b magazine. Writing on first page.
Family Dramas: Annette Kuhn - Mandy' and Possibility; Vicky Lebeau - Daddy's Cinema: Femininity and Mass Spectatorship; Annette Harding - Family Dramas: Film & Modernity in Thailand; Lauren Rabinovitz - Soap Opera Bridal Fantasies; Steve Neale - The Big Romance or Something Wild? Romantic Comedy Today; Brian McNair - Television in Post-Soviet Russia.
Format: P/B
Condition Item: Good
Condition Cover: Good
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £3.00


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