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  The Shadows/Out Of The Shadows
Title: The Shadows/Out Of The Shadows
Author: The Shadows
Description: 27 track CD album on EMI.
The Shadows
1 Shadoogie
2 Blue Star
3 Nivram
4 Baby My Heart
5 See You In My Drums
6 All My Sorrows
7 Stand Up And Say That!
8 Gonzales
9 Find Me A Golden Street
10 Theme From A Filleted Place
11 That's My Desire
12 My Resistance Is Low
13 Sleepwalk
14 Big Boy
Out Of The Shadows
15 The Rumble
16 The Bandit
17 Cosy
18 1861
19 Perfidia
20 Little "B"
21 Bo Diddley
22 South Of The Border
23 Spring Is Nearly Here
24 Are They All Like You?
25 Tales Of A Raggy Tramline
26 Some Are Lonely
27 Kinda Cool
Format: CD Album
Condition Item: Very Good+
Condition Cover: Very Good+
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £2.99


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It's The King!! First 2 Elvis LPs in stock at the moment plus we usually have a smattering of interesting memorabilia/fan club stuff plus orginal 7" singles by the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and Eddie Cochran. Quite a few nice compilations and box sets plus :: The Shadows :: The Shadows/Out Of The Shadows :: Rock 'N' Roll/Rockabilly/DooWop :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare