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Title: Discography
Author: No More Art
Description: 16 track cassette from 2016 on Overflod.
A1 Sorrows Of Youth
A2 The Walled City
A3 The Young King
A4 Last Lucid Moments
A5 Ghosts
A6 False Confessions
A7 Absolute Zero
A8 Icarus
B1 Won't Let Go
B2 Tough To Breathe
B3 False Confessions
B4 Peripeteia
B5 Evil Eyes
B6 The Young King
B7 Won't Let Go
B8 Empty Well
Format: Cassete
Condition Item: Non specified
Condition Cover: Non specified
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £4.00


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This is a kind of catch all category for wierd and wonderful with post-punk stuff by the likes of Dislocation Dance, Eyeless in Gaza, Monochrome Set, all the Factory Records stuff with later post-rock like Mogwai, Aerial M, Stereolab. Tortoise and you'll :: No More Art :: Discography :: Experimental/Krautrock/AvantGarde/Post Rock/Post Punk :: Music :: Elvis Shakespeare