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  No Fi, Lo Fi, Hi Fi
Title: No Fi, Lo Fi, Hi Fi
Author: Estel
Description: 14 track cassette from 2011 on Quarter Inch Collective. Number 101 of 150. Case is cracked.
1 One Deep Breath
2 Crunch, Crunch (It's So Quiet)
3 Push The Nut Button
4 True Stories
5 My Raymond Is Contagious
6 Stab You At A Later Date (Original Version)
7 Instrumental In The Killing (Original Version)
8 Running With Scissors (Original Version)
9 Septic Rabbits In The Bunker
10 Boudoir Fingers
11 The Morning I Woke Up W/ Cat Eyes (Mike Watt)
12 Regardez Moi (I'm Up To My Neck In Shit) (Again) (The Bones of Something Version Without Mike Watt Poem)
13 Kings Amongst Men (Live, The Mezz, Dublin 2011)
14 Someone Should Blow That Sick Fuck (Out Of His Socks) (Live, The Mezz, Dublin 2011)
Format: Cassete
Condition Item: EX
Condition Cover: EX
Quantity: 1 item(s) available
Price: £2.00


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